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Links to money counting machines

We supply Samsung cash registers, Casio cash registers,  TEC cash registers, Olivetti cash registers, Sharp cash registers, portable  cash registers, coin sorters, banknote counters, money counters, money counting machines, cash drawers, weighing scales. Everything for the modern  retailer

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450.00 + postage + vat
Fully programmed keyboard

swam4 940

650.00 + postage + vat
Fully programmed keyboard

The Samsung ER-650 provides big system features at low cost. The 8 line LCD allows menu driven programming and reporting, so easy for the dealer and end user. It has alpha display & print. This model needs  little support as all you do is follow the on screen instruction.
Available with bar code laser scanner
Up to 13000 bar code lines.
Can link to remote slip or kitchen printer

Samsung ER 940M

  • Up to 10,000 PLUs
  • 2 Keyboard Levels
  • 99 Groups Over 3 Levels of Grouping
  • 99 Mix and Match Totals
  • Scanning Capabilities
  • NLU Free Keyboard Layout
  • Price Inquiry & Price Change Analysis
  • Minimum Stock Entry
  • 50 Clerks
  • Clerk Interrupt With Clerk Functions
  • Training Clerk
  • Guest and table number management
  • Table Number Entry
  • Remote and Receipt Billing